How to Choose a Fragrance

How to Choose a Fragrance

Choosing a new scent can be difficult - but taking time to choose a new fragrance is worth the effort. To really get a feel for how a perfume smells on you take time to check the scent after a few minutes, and again after a few hours. Give the fragrance time to settle and don't be in a rush to smell it - all you will get at first is a strong hit of alcohol.

Imagine where you would wear the fragrances. This will help you decide what type of perfume you are looking for -  A light everyday scent or a heady evening fragrance. Something for a summer holiday or an all day work favourite.  

For example, my favourite everyday scents are Heather, Bluebell and Soul, perfect for wearing to work or out for a day shopping. However if I was going out for the evening I would usually switch to Wild Orchid or Poetry.

If you like the idea of trying different scents out for a few days each before you buy,  our collections give you the chance to try on a number of fragrances and see how they suit you. They are also the perfect size for a trip away.

  • Handy Tip - Spray the top of your wrist rather than underneath.  You are less likely to wash it off each time you clean your hands and the hairs on your arms will absorb the fragrance making it last longer.


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